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College Worthy…or is it?…James Freeman

17 May iMADdu Blog | Comments Off
College Worthy…or is it?…James Freeman

College does one thing for sure, and does it well; they put people in debt. The average college graduate makes almost 1 million more in their lifetime in comparison to a high school graduate or drop out. This sounds good, but is it truly worth it if you add up the cost of tuition, time spent at the college (usually 4+ years) and the opportunity costs from being able to start your own business or start something high paying right out of high school?

Both my father and his brother were millionaires, and both dropped out of high school; my father didn’t even attend high school. They both started their own companies, one which was a construction company and the other was an electric company. The pressure of having to succeed is what pushed both of them because if they didn’t succeed, they’d be working at your local McDonalds. Pressure if handled correctly will always lead to success.

College not only takes almost $100,000 in tuition, but also causes you to miss out (in most cases) on opportunities to start up businesses, invest in businesses, and explore bigger money options. Is college really a good investment? Yes, it’s a safe route, but what if you fail to get a good job after college? College in itself is a true, risky investment. Colleges play it off like it’s required to get a good job, but you’re risking just as much by losing 4 years of your life and spending almost $100,000 to get a piece of paper.

Should you be an entrepreneur before going to college, an entrepreneur only, or an entrepreneur with college?

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