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Music – the fix to it all, as well as a self-centered approach…James Freeman

30 Mar iMADdu Blog | Comments Off
Music – the fix to it all, as well as a self-centered approach…James Freeman

Music plays an important role in a lot of people’s lives; from just being something to tune to, to being a mental stabilizer. I tend to dislike most songs on the radio due to their repetitive play on the radio as well as the “let’s attract everyone” music. Most music I think is terrible, but there are some songs and bands that I am a loyal fan to for this one reason – It keeps me mentally stable and gets me away from it all. The need for music in my life is insurmountable. I have headphones in my ears probably 16 hours of the day. I even sleep with music on. Music affects my study habits as well as work production while at my job. Every time I have completed homework or studied, I have had music in because it keeps me focused. Music tunes the annoying, ignorant, and illogical society out so I can accomplish my tasks effectively. Music does turn me independent and makes me keep to myself though, which in the business world you must be able to communicate and develop relationships with workers and clients. I feel I’m surrounded by ignorant, illogical human beings that just get in the way of me getting through this tunnel. It’s very self-centered by me to think like I do, but who in life who’s extremely successful wasn’t self-centered? Every rich or well off businessman accomplished everything they did by being SELF-CENTERED. Music helps me focus on myself, and what I have to accomplish. To be successful in life you must place yourself first, or you will always come out last. 2nd place is just as good as last place – You don’t win.

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